The Evil Within interview accompanies a gameplay demo that is nasty, brutish, and short

Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within made the rounds at E3 this week, with Bethesda's VP of marketing and PR, Pete Hines, giving interviews and doling out screenshots . During a video interview with PlayStation Blog's Sid Shuman, however, the real story was playing out behind the interview, where a gameplay demo can be seen.

In the demo, detective Sebastian Castellanos wakes to find himself hanging in a meat locker full of corpses. Working his way free, he sets out to escape the horrible, blood-soaked setting. The actual gameplay video behind the interview only lasts for a couple of minutes before it repeats, so if you're just watching for the gameplay and not the interview, you can check out after the restart.

“A lot of this stuff that you're seeing is dynamic,” Hines says of the demo. “How the creatures and enemies react to the environment, it's not the same every time. If you die and have to replay a level, it's not going to play out the same way.”

Scarcity and helplessness will be major themes, a fitting design choice from Resident Evil designer Mikami. “We don't want to just do another action-heavy horror game, where you have lots of guns and lots of bullets and you're just mowing stuff down,” Hines says, explaining the pitch from Mikami and Tango Gameworks. “That's not what survival horror means to us... You're going to have three bullets and eight guys and you need to figure out 'do I try to kill these guys, do I use some traps, or do I just run away, do I hide?'”

“We want you to be off-balance and terrified, but you feel like you can use your wits to survive.”

The Evil Within will release sometime next year. For the latest from E3, check out our complete coverage .