The Elder Scrolls Online and the Greymoor expansion prologue will be free to play for a week

(Image credit: ZeniMax Online)

Greymoor—the latest expansion for Elder Scrolls Online—may not be due out for over a month yet, but there's hope on the horizon for anyone who just can't wait that long. Developers ZeniMax Online have announced that the prologue chapter is now available for free to anyone who already owns the ESO base game.

In addition, the developers have announced a Play For Free event for the game starting on April 1. The event will include free access to both the base game and the Prologue chapter of the Greymoor expansion, presumably in the hopes of tempting new players—many of whom are currently stuck indoors for the foreseeable future—into giving ESO a try in time for the Greymoor launch.

The Greymoor expansion is part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline, a multi-part adventure that is set to run for the whole year. The two quests that make up the Prologue see the player team up with returning NPC Lyris Titanborn to investigate a threat against Skald-King Jorunn and the other leaders of Skyrim.

The free event will be happening on all platforms where ESO is available, although with different conditions. PC and Mac players should note that the Steam event runs for a shorter length of time and will finish on April 6. (Console players can enjoy the freebie up until April 13.) To make up for it, though, the full release of Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor is expected on May 18 for PC and Mac, over a fortnight before the console release on June 2.