The eerie RGB lighting on Cooler Master's new lightweight gaming mouse might give us nightmares

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

Hardly anything launches without RGB lighting these days, though Cooler Master's perforated MM710 gaming mouse was one of the exceptions when it launched three months ago. Ironically, the ventilated design is one that is perhaps best suited for LEDs. Having recognized this, Cooler Master has introduced the MM711, which is basically the same rodent, but with RGB lighting.

Like the MM710, the new MM711 is a featherweight mouse—Cooler Master says it weighs a little less than 60g. That's actually a touch heftier than the MM710 (presumably due to the LED hardware), which weighs less than 53g, but is still nowhere near heavy—plenty of gaming mice weigh over 100g.

The rest of the mouse is the same, from the Pixart 3389 optical sensor (adjustable up to 16,000 dpi) to the six buttons and ambidextrous shape (albeit it's intended for right-handers, with two thumb buttons on the left side only).

Cooler Master is also adding new color options to the MM710. Originally available in matte black, it can now be purchased in matte white, glossy black, and glossy white as well.

Availability is a bit puzzling, though. Cooler Master has chosen to dole out specific versions to specific vendors. Here's a cheat sheet:

  • MM710 matte black—Amazon (US and Canada), Cooler Master store
  • MM710 glossy black—Best Buy
  • MM710 matte white—Micro Center, Cooler Master store
  • MM710 glossy white—Amazon (US and Canada)
  • MM711 matte black (November 29)—Walmart
  • MM711 glossy white (December)—Amazon (US and Canada)

The MM711 in matte black launches on Black Friday, though there is no indication it will be marked down. These are not all that pricey anyway—the MM710 sells for $49.99, and the MM711 will be available for $59.99.

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