The Division: Last Stand trailer teases livestreamed reveal coming tomorrow

Ubisoft hasn't said much so far about Last Stand, the upcoming third major DLC release for its third-person shooter The Division, except that "you and your squad must prepare to defend against a relentless foe." But a full reveal is set to be livestreamed tomorrow, January 19, and ahead of that it's given us a brief teaser to watch and ponder. 

The video appears to show teams squaring off in various unpleasant locales, which would jibe with reports from earlier this week about a recent Ubisoft Massive survey asking players what they'd like to see in the game—specifically, how interested they'd be in a "Last Man Standing" mode for Survival, in which "only one player can win and remain alive at the end of the game."   

That's no guarantee that it's coming, but coupled with the title of the DLC, it's probably not a bad bet. Besides, who doesn't want to fight to the death over endless piles of fetid garbage, am I right? The Last Stand reveal livestream is scheduled to begin at 8 am PST on Twitch

Andy Chalk

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