The Division beta pushed back to 2016

The Division

Ubisoft has pushed back the date of The Division's beta into early 2016. Beyond corporate fluff like 'exceeding expectations', no solid reason has been given for the delay, but what interests me is the fact the release date so far remains unchanged at March 8. That means the team will have more time to prepare the beta build but less time to implement beta feedback. Hopefully that speaks to unshakeable confidence—The Division was announced in 2013 with release scheduled for 2014, so it ought to have been cooking long enough.

Xbox One players will still get December 'alpha testing' access, but I wouldn't expect much footage to emerge from that on account of the big fat NDA. If you want in on the PC beta, you can either pre-order The Division or fill out this here form and hope to be picked.

Samuel has seen The Division at three consecutive E3s now, but despite vague positive feelings, he reported a lack of solid detail on the world and your place in it. The Division still feels far off.

Thanks, Eurogamer.