The Division 2's next Specialization is the minigun-toting Gunner

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has revealed the first new endgame specialization coming to The Division 2: It's the Gunner class, armed with a hefty minigun and a signature ability that drives enemies out of cover.

The Gunner is a tank class, and receives a temporary armor bonus when the skill is activated. But while their miniguns are drawn, Gunners won't be able to vault over obstacles, use cover, or roll away from danger.

Fortunately, Gunners also have a Banshee signature skill, which confuses enemies and pushes them out of cover (which is what you dive for when you see someone marching down the street hefting a minigun). Once they're out there, Gunners will be able to use their special riot foam grenades to glue enemies in place, the better for chewing up with minigun rounds.

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Unlike The Division 2's other specializations, which all unlock once you complete the campaign, the Gunner has its own unlock path. Owners of the base game will have a series of in-game challenges to complete called Special Field Research in order to use the specialization. Owners of the Year 1 pass will get access immediately, although those players will also be able to take on the Special Field Research challenges in order to unlock new, exclusive cosmetic items and emotes.

The Gunner will become available on The Division 2 public test server June 4, and you'll be able to try it out there without first completing the prerequisite challenges. After that, the Gunner will arrive on the live servers later this month along with Title Update 4.