The Division 2's latest patch fixes an absurd armor exploit

For the last couple weeks, The Division 2's PvP modes have been overrun with players running around with ridiculously high armor values, and that’s been thanks to a gear scaling bug that’s thankfully been patched out in this morning’s update.

The glitch allowed players to exploit The Division 2's gear score normalization using certain mods. Players could take a low-level piece of gear, say a blue level 12 backpack or set of kneepads, that had a armor percentage modifier on it, and then re-roll that stat at the Recalibration Station to get it as high as possible, say 6.5 percent or so. Putting that piece of gear on a level 30 character would result in the armor percentage added increasing many times over, up to more than 100 percent, when their gear score was normalized.

It's not hard to guess where this goes, and players have been posting screenshots of their absurd armor stats across social media for the past weeks, such as the build above by redditor WillyPete. They've been able to run characters with more than a million points of armor in The Division 2’s PvP modes, and while that doesn’t make you invincible, it can take a dedicated squad of two or more players unloading on them to take them down.

Fortunately, the exploit has been patched, and Ubisoft has sent out warnings to players who have used it. "Any further violation of the terms of use will lead to a permanent ban on their account," a Division 2 community manager wrote in today's maintenance notes.