The Division 2 will have 8-player raids and a year of free expansions

We got our first look at The Division 2 during Microsoft's E3 presser, but we finally learned exactly what's changing at Ubisoft's. We know The Division 2 is set in Washington, D.C., but now we know it takes place seven months after 'Black Friday', the bio attack that kicked off the events of the first game. The virus is essentially gone, but civilization has yet to recover. 

A new cinematic trailer debuted, showing the poor state of affairs in D.C. including a deer rotting in flooded sewage. Glad I already ate. 

But, for those concerned with how The Division 2 will play, Creative Director Julian Gerighty filled us in on some new details.

Washington DC is 20% bigger than Manhattan from The Division 1, and features much more variety than the narrow streets of NYC. We'll see several biomes, including a flooded commercial area, an abandoned residential area, and in some locations nature has begun to reclaim abandoned areas of the city.

Progression is growing and changing, too. After completing the campaign and reaching the level cap, a new suite signature weapons will become available: a crossbow, a 50-cal sniper-rifle, and a grenade launcher. The first game's gear was lacking in personality, so it's nice to know bespoke gear is coming. Picking a signature weapon opens up a new progression tree with special abilities. Assuming the track to the level cap has its own skill tree or system, customization

The biggest and best news of the show was that The Division 2 will feature eight-player raids. The endgame activities weren't too in-depth, so it's nice to hear we'll get to work towards taking on big dungeons. Eight players two more than Destiny 2's raids as well, which has me imagining some pretty complex scenarios. 

The event wrapped with good news about post-launch updates, too. Year One of The Division 2 will see three "Episodes" released every three months, and they'll be free for everyone. Not a bad deal.

James Davenport

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