The Division 2 PC technical test starts today

Ubisoft is hosting a PC technical test in The Division 2 for a couple of days, starting today, for a limited number of randomly selected players. Check your inbox for an invite. The test will end on Friday. 

The goal of the test, says Ubisoft, is to make sure the fixes that have been implemented since the private beta are working as expected. Players will be able to check out everything from the private beta, a part from the conflict, endgame and photo modes.

Samuel took the private beta for a spin and managed to have a good time, despite Washington DC feeling like a less exciting setting than New York. You can check out his thoughts on what we've seen of The Division 2's endgame, too. 

Invites were sent out for the test yesterday, and The Division 2's open beta kicks off for everyone on March 1.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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