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The Dark Eye: Demonicon gets a new, late-October release date

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The Dark Eye: Demonicon should unleash its ruthlessly-forged fantasy world in late October, according to a new press release (opens in new tab) from publisher Kalypso Media. Previously (opens in new tab) slated to surface sometime during the first quarter of 2013, the action-oriented, third-person RPG is being developed by Noumena Studios in Berlin.

Demonicon promises a twisting story of moral challenges and evil temptation, as a brother and sister navigate the bleak universe of The Dark Eye, a fantasy game world originally conceived by German pen-and-paper RPG designer Ulrich Kiesow (opens in new tab) . Demonicon had already made our January list of the most anticipated games set to debut in 2013, so it's fantastic to hear a firm launch date announced.

Box art has been locked in (opens in new tab) and a new batch of screenshots (opens in new tab) also emerged today, but for an epic—and teasing—look at the upcoming RPG, check out its E3 trailer below.

Hat tip, Gamingbolt (opens in new tab) .