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The creator of Dicey Dungeons and VVVVVV is giving thousands of copies of his games away for free

(Image credit: Terry Cavanagh)
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Terry Cavanagh, the creator of Dicey Dungeons and VVVVVV, is giving his games away for free over on (opens in new tab). In his tweets (opens in new tab) announcing the sale, Cavanagh says that he wanted to do something in light of the coronavirus outbreak and give players a chance to play his games as a "distraction to take your mind off things." You can download the games over on Cavanagh's Itch profile (opens in new tab)

Cavanagh is currently giving away 1000 copies of each of his three commercially released games which include the gravity flipping platformer VVVVVV, the tough-as-nails arcade game Super Hexagon, and his deckbuilding roguelike Dicey Dungeons. At the time of writing, the 1000 copies for Dicey Dungeons have already been claimed but you can still get VVVVVV and Super Hexagon.

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Other developers have also released their games on sale as a reaction to people around the world having to self-isolate because of the coronavirus outbreak. You can find the full list of games on discount on Itch's store sale page (opens in new tab).

Included in the game on sale is Julian Glander's Art Sqool (opens in new tab) about producing silly drawings that are marked by an AI professor in an attempt to pass art college. Alongside Art Sqool is Fidel Dungeon Rescue (opens in new tab), a puzzle roguelike where you play as a cute pooch who can rewind time. If you're after something with a bit more action then you should check out Minor Key Games' first-person adventure game Eldritch (opens in new tab) which has been discounted by 70 percent.

If you're after more free games to play then check out our best free games of 2020 (opens in new tab) and we also cover a bunch of free games every week like the strange musical game Karambola (opens in new tab) and freaky horror game Sentient (opens in new tab)

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