Solve strange music puzzles in beautiful free game Karambola

(Image credit: Agata Nawrot)

I missed Karambola when it came out, but I won't make that mistake again, as this is a beautiful, strange, tactile and just plain delightful browser game that's reminiscent of Amanita Design's gorgeous adventures.

It's a little difficult to explain, but you're essentially improving the mental health of a group of people who have strange fruit for heads, solving hands-on music puzzles by clicking on various elements that appear on the screen. Each of the nine areas has its own person, and its own puzzle with a new system to decipher. Basically, you have to click on things in the right order, and the solution will be hidden somewhere inside each scene.

The artwork is beautiful, and more animated than it might appear in the static screenshots. And it's paired with a calming, folksy soundtrack that fits the theme of the game to a tee. If you've had a rough day, this would be a great way to lift your mood. (Many thanks, The Game Curator.)

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Tom Sykes

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