The cheapest way to buy the System Shock remake in Australia

System Shock remake
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Nearly seven years after its Kickstarter campaign launched, the long-awaited remake System Shock is almost upon us. If you've been looking forward to Night Dive Studios' comprehensive remake, then you've probably played the demo already. I have, and it's definitely very true to the original, except with a very modern graphical veneer.

The System Shock remake release date is May 30, and as of right now, not many online digital shopfronts are offering discounts on the pioneering immersive sim. That's not a big deal: It's not a full price game at only AU$49.95. Still, Fanatical has it cheaper than RRP, and if you're a member of Humble Choice you can grab it cheap too.

We'll keep this list updated over the following weeks approaching launch, but here's where the prices are at for the System Shock remake at present:

Cheapest way to get System Shock remake for PC in Australia

System Shock remake @ Fanatical | AU$49.95 AU$42.45
With an RRP of AU$49.95, the System Shock remake isn't a full-priced game. Fanatical is still  chopping 15% off that price, bringing it down to a competition-beating AU$42.45.

System Shock remake @ Humble Store | AU49.95 (with bonuses)
The Humble Store is offering the System Shock remake for its recommended retail price, unless you have to be a member of Humble Choice, which slashes AU$9.99 off the total for a very tempting AU$39.96. Humble Choice is AU$11.99 a month, and offers a mix of PC games you get to keep forever, among other things.

System Shock remake @ Steam | AU$49.95
The boring ol' RRP on Steam. No discounts.

System Shock remake @ Epic Games Store | AU$49.95
As above: just the RRP on EGS, though if you've got vouchers laying around it might be a good time to use.

System Shock remake @ GOG | AU$49.95
Again, GOG isn't offering a pre-order discount on the System Shock remake, but if you've got vouchers there, or just prefer the store, you may wish to buy it there.

These prices may change over the coming weeks; if we notice that they have, we'll dutifully update the page.

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