The C1 computer case aims to fit a full PC behind your monitor

C1 Case

An Irish startup company called Crono Labs has launched an Indiegogo campaign to create the C1 computer case. The C1 can have a VESA compliant monitor attached to it, creating a DIY all-in-one system with the ultimate goal of decluttering your desk. The big advantage over typical all-in-ones is that the C1 actually has space for full-size components, including big graphics cards.

The Indiegogo campaign is looking for $2,000, which will be used to produce prototypes for testing as well as sending out to hardware reviewers. Any additional money raised will be going towards marketing and further design iterations. If the campaign is successful, a follow up campaign will be set up to do a production run of around 1,000 more cases.

The main focus of the case is on size, mobility, and cable management. Its dimensions are 446mm x 270mm x 122mm, and a built in handle means it’s easy to transport the case around. Short VGA, HDMI and branching power cables come with the case. A raised motherboard points the IO ports downwards so cables can be run beneath it neatly.

One thing to note would be that monitors over 27 inches “might be an issue in terms of stability.”

C1 case 2

As for inside space, the C1 has room for an ITX or mATX motherboard, an ATX PSU, two 3.5 inch drives, two 2.5 inch drives, GPUs up to 10.5 inches long, low profile CPU coolers, four 120mm fans, and water cooling. A 120mm cooler can be used in conjunction with a 240mm cooler. However, water cooling won’t fit with an mATX motherboard.

A Kickstarter to back the finished product is scheduled for the end of 2015. If you select the “Discount Reward” tier, you’ll get a discount on the finished case. For everyone else, the C1 Computer Case is planned to cost $150.