The Bradwell Conspiracy teases a mystery under Stonehenge in a new trailer

Bossa Studios and A Brave Plan have shown off a bit more of their museum mystery, The Bradwell Conspiracy. It's almost as enigmatic as last year's teaser, which was an in-universe advert for the titular Bradwell Electronics, but this one also gives us a very quick tour of the museum and the secret complex beneath it. Give it a watch above. 

Set inside the Bradwell Stonehenge Museum in 2026, it's a first-person narrative romp where you need to find a way to escape the aforementioned secret complex, which you've somehow become trapped inside. There's someone else with you, trapped on the other side of a locked door, and you'll only be able to communicate with them through Bradwell Electronics' fancy AR glasses. 

Obviously anyone building a weird lab underneath Stonehenge is up to no good, but the trailer's not giving much away, just raising lots of questions, like did aliens really build Stonehenge, as we've all been lead to believe by so-called experts? 

Between shocking revelations, you can expect plenty of puzzles—many of which will apparently involve using a 3D printer—and "lore-enriching secrets", which I hope doesn't mean reading a million employee emails. I already live in Gmail, thanks.

The Bradwell Conspiracy doesn't have a specific release date yet, but it's due out this autumn on Steam

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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