The Boob Jam, a game jam celebrating stories about breasts

When we talk about breasts in games, the conversation is limited to arguments about how big is too big, how jiggly is unrealistic and whether the discussion should happen at all. Games writer Jenn Frank, though, wants to approach the subject from a different angle with the just-announced Boob Jam : a game jam to celebrate and explore breasts.

“I'm gonna make a game called 'Final Reality' and it's gonna be about how I just accidentally smeared tons of deodorant all over my left [breast],” she Tweeted . “What if you had to watch a sexy videogame character also buy bras, cry softly when she can't find one that fits, and go in for mammograms.”

The response was immediate. Game concept ideas poured in, telling stories that never get explored in gaming: the breast cancer scare, the transgender man who wants to cut off his breasts, the patient undergoing the double mastectomy. Frank set up the Boob Jam in response. Taking place sometime around the end of September, the jam invites any game involving breasts, but without relying on the male gaze.

“[I]n most video games, boobs are this male gaze thing—they're there for (almost always) one reason, to titillate (one type of) players,” Frank writes (emphasis hers), “And that's okay—lots of people like boobs!—but there are so many other ways to talk about them. Boobs mean a lot of different things to different people.”

Check out the full details at the Boob Jam website. If you're interested, keep an eye on the submission deadline and submit your own .

Image via Wired .