The Blue Yeti microphone is discounted today, and you get a free game too

Need a new microphone for your gaming setup? Maybe you're going to be doing some live streaming, or making some YouTube videos, or just making sure your friends can hear your voice as clearly as possible. For gaming, there's no better microphone than the Blue Yeti, and you can get one from Game today for £90

Not only will you be getting the best overall microphone at a discount price, Game is also throwing in Watch Dogs 2 in what it's calling "The Ultimate Streamer Bundle." You probably won't get many viewers streaming Watch Dogs 2, but still, it's basically a free game if you're in the market for a top quality microphone. 

The closest competitor in terms of price right now is Currys where it's sitting at £90, but you don't get the game thrown in. Across the Internet, the Blue Yeti hasn't dropped below £100 too many times in the past year or so, so it's a good deal right now.

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