The ‘Big O’ is the ultimate gaming PC and it’s not for sale

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I have now seen gaming nirvana thanks to Origin PC, which is celebrating its 10-year-anniversary. Not letting the moment pass by without something epic, the boutique builder constructed a custom system that combines the best of all worlds: a high-end gaming PC, a PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One X, all neatly assembled in single tower. What about the Nintendo Switch? There's a front-mounted dock for one of those as well.

It's called Big O, because let's face it, this is an orgasmic build. Not entirely unique, Origin PC actually built a Big O several years ago, though it 'only' incorporated an Xbox 360 alongside traditional PC components.

(Image credit: Origin PC)

This modern evolution of the Big O steps things up in a big way.

"The amazing games and the incredibly beautiful, ridiculously powerful, and totally custom machines like the Big O keep me just as excited and passionate about gaming PCs today than I was 20 years ago when I started in this industry," said Kevin Wasielewski, Origin PC CEO and co-founder. "We are very proud to celebrate our 10-year anniversary with the launch of the Big O and to share our passion and creativity with the world."

Let's talk specs. The PC portion alone is drool-worthy, consisting of the following components:

  • Case: Custom Origin PC Genesis with RGB lighting
  • Motherboard: MSI Meg Z390 Godlike
  • CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K
  • GPU: Nvidia Titan RTX w/ 24GB GDDR6
  • RAM: 64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4-3200
  • Primary Drive: 2TB Samsung 970 Evo M.2 NVMe SSD
  • Storage Drive 1: 2TB Samsung 970 Evo M.2 NVMe SSD
  • Storage Drive 2: 14TB Seagate Barracuda
  • PSU: 1,000W EVGA SuperNova G3
  • OS: Windows 10

There's also an Elgato 4K60 Pro capture card to go along with all that hardware decadence, and of course hardline liquid cooling is part of the package.

(Image credit: Origin PC)

The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro are both liquid cooled as well. Origin PC also upgraded the storage on both consoles, each of which sports its own 2TB Seagate Barracuda SSD (SATA). All combined, you're looking at 22TB of storage throughout the Big O.

Being a one-off system, Origin PC built this as a showcase rather than a SKU that is available to purchase. So go ahead and rip up that blank check (though if you reached out to Origin PC, the company would probably be willing to take your money on one of these at a price I don't even want to think about).

While not for sale, the lone build was sent off to Unbox Therapy, which posted an unboxing. Check it out:

It's pretty neat that there's an output selector on the front that allows for seamless switching between the different game systems.

I priced out a similar system on the PC side using Origin PC's Genesis configuration and came to around $8,000, which didn't include a 14TB hard drive or Elgato 4K60 Pro. Some of the part selections in the Big O are not offered by Origin PC (I didn't see an MSI Meg Z390 Godlike, for example), but the $8,000+ price tag is a rough approximation before factoring in the custom modded consoles and dock, which itself is custom designed as well.

Anyway, these kinds of things check bang-for-buck at the door, and Origin PC still gets a hat tip for assembling what's arguably the best gaming PC on the planet.

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