The best Mirror's Edge Catalyst Dash routes so far

Backstreet Bluff 

Best time: 40.86
Maximum 3-star time:

Sprint diagonally to the rooftop’s edge and drop down with a Skill Roll. Coil over or maneuver around the two air-conditioning units you’ll land near as you follow the Echo arrows.

Head up the stairway on its right side. You’ll emerge at the top conveniently aligned with the railing farther ahead.

Wait until you’re at the very edge of the gap between the two rooftops before Coiling across and on top of the railing. Keep your ninja-style strong by not making sudden adjustments to your movement as you run. 

Jump off the railing to the left to clear a small lower area (don’t fall down!) and head up the short staircase. Here, you’ll want to perform a difficult double springboard jump off the left-side railing, onto the air duct, and then immediately up to the higher part of the rooftop. This is probably the most challenging stunt described in this guide. Study the above GIF for the angles and accuracy you’ll need, and keep practicing until you’re successful.

Stay to the left side of the Echo arrow ahead, and you’ll continue running onto the top of a safety fence. As before, keep straight and avoid jerky movements to prevent a nasty plummet.

Skip the ramp the Echo arrow points to and opt for the adjacent hanging pipe instead. Faith will automatically slide down the pipe a short ways before stopping, but if you chain a jump at the same moment, it’ll result in a much faster transition to the next roof without needing to Skill Roll. 

Rebel against your Echo once more and keep straight after landing. Wall-run on the left side of the small brick shack to more speedily clear the two air ducts blocking your path.

Use the small platform ahead to springboard up the small building. Sprint across and springboard again to the next upper roof.

Continue to ignore your Echo and run straight to the small pile of boxes near the railing. Use them to springboard leftwards to the summit of the large black structure. The finish marker is a right turn around the white generators and beyond an annoyingly unmoving runner NPC. 

Nomad’s Run

Best time: 18.53
Maximum 3-star time:

You’ll need the Magrope pull-up upgrade given at the start of the “Benefactor” main story mission to complete Nomad’s Run with a good time. As you’ll soon see, Nomad’s rivalry with Faith turns a little cheeky with this Dash’s layout. 

Jump off your upper starting position to the lower roof below with a Skill Roll. Make sure to land squarely in the middle so you don’t accidentally glue onto the left-side pipe or the right-side girders.

Here’s where Nomad’s shenanigans show up. Keep to the left of these two fan boxes and run between the two orange buildings in the alley-like passage below.

Run straight ahead a bit and cross a short skybridge. As soon as you’re on the other side, start tilting your view up and to the left as you keep your movement forward. Your Echo arrows are big fat misdirections at this point; you’re about to finish this Dash. 

As you near the upper lip of the next ledge, spot a hardpoint camera perched up high and to the left. Fire your Magrope when you get close enough and yank yourself to the rooftop. The finish marker glows innocently just ahead.

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