The best Mirror's Edge Catalyst Dash routes so far

Concrete Canyon

Best time: 30.26
Maximum 3-star time:

Inch to the left edge of your starting position, but be careful not to slide off and decorate someone’s windshield below. Sprint ahead, but instead of jumping down, simply run off this elevated section into a Skill Roll. This provides some added maneuverability for turning left onto the skybridge.

Before you reach the bridge’s end, jump diagonally right to the catwalk ringing the building’s side below the Echo arrow. Try landing in the center of the walkway for better momentum. 

Pass by the corner hanging pipe and jump onto the sloped roof. Again, accuracy is key—if you land too low, you’ll stumble and slide off. Aim too high, and you’ll kill your speed at the steep angle. Run diagonally across and up to the far end.

Jump onto the air duct running below the rooftop’s railing. Run to its far end and drop (don’t jump) into a shadowy duct gulch.

Keep straight! If you see this large yellow hose on the ground, you’re on the right path. Stay clear of obstructions and Coil over the final duct just beyond the hose.

Slalom past the two dark red railings and reach the high fence past another silently judging runner. Hop into a wall-run on the fence’s right side. With enough speed and the correct angle, you can clear the fence quickly without sitting through a tedious climb animation.

Zoom up the staircase to its landing. Springboard from the left railing onto the ledge above. Keep sprinting in the same direction you land in toward the fenced, metal platform. Snake around the gap in the railing and use the corner of the central square railing to vault over the fan housings to the finish marker beyond.

 A Handy Shortcut

Best time: 42.30
Maximum 3-star time:

The Magrope is needed to fully utilize the best routes for this Dash—luckily, you get it very early on in the main story, and no upgrades are needed for it to have uses in the run.

The start is simple: just sprint down the steps and Coil over the clearly visible pipe blocking the path.

Wall-run across the gap and springboard to the upper roof shortly after. So far, so Echo arrow.

Coil over the duct—as in Birdman’s Route, you’ll barely clear it—and scorn your Echo’s urgings to hop onto the elevated platform. Take the low, parallel road to the left instead. (The ramp on the left side of the screenshot heads the wrong way.)

It’s a straight shot down this narrow roof ledge with a couple wall-runs en route to clear some ducts. You’ll use your Magrope to traverse two huge gaps by swinging on a pair of red-colored surveillance cameras. This is the shortcut hinted at in the Dash’s name; you’re skipping a whole mess of hanging pipes and speed-killing climbs by going Tarzan.

Head diagonally right across this open roof, rejoining your Echo arrows as they point to a door across a skybridge. Hit the railing and springboard over to the metallic platform sticking out the far side. 

Alas, that reunion with your arrows was but a fleeting fancy. Ignore the left door and take the right elevated door instead. 

Barrel through this deserted office and bust through the door on the left to head back outside.

Coil past the railing directly ahead and drop down to the slightly lower ledge at the end of this roof. Jump to the following roof, sprint across, and launch into a final jump and Skill Coil onto the next roof’s lower section where the finish marker sits. 

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