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TF2 Engineer Update released: full patch notes

We've been liveblogging the bizarre, eventful and sometimes baffling onslaught of teasers, hints and reveals about Team Fortress 2's final class update over the last four days. It's just been released, and our Engineer Update liveblog is finally over. Full patch notes below the fold.

  • Added The Frontier Justice.
  • Added The Wrangler.
  • Added The Gunslinger.
  • Added The Southern Hospitality.
  • Added 35 Engineer achievements.
  • Engineers can now pickup & move their buildings.
  • Added Engineer main menu music.
  • The Sandvich now uses a cooldown timer, instead of the health pack recharge mechanic.
  • The Gunboats now reduce self-damage by 60% (was 75%)
  • The Tribalman's Shiv bleed duration reduced to 6 second (was 8), and its damage penalty increased to 50% (was 35%).
  • Added better feedback sound for Pyros on when their flamethrower is doing damage.
  • Fixed blood effect on bleeding player.
  • Added a glow effect to Payload carts.
  • Added Romanian language support.
  • Added 4 new maps:
    • Thunder Mountain, a 3 stage Payload map.
    • Hightower, a Payload Race map.
    • Upward, a Payload map.
    • ColdFront, a community built Capture Point map.