Tex Murphy sequel Tesla Effect pulls a trailer out of the mid-'90s time machine

There's a new trailer for the Kickstarted Tex Murphy revival Tesla Effect. Whatever you do, don't watch it yet. First, find a notepad, rip off a bit of paper, write "it is the year 2013" on it, and then stick it next to your monitor. Now, as you watch this lengthy tribute to FMV acting, you can periodically look over and reassure yourself that you haven't fallen back in time to the mid-'90s.

Well, isn't this an odd thing. I mean, technically it looks completely rubbish, with acting and special effects that'd make an episode of Doctor Who look sophisticated by comparison. But by the same token, you've got to assume that's exactly what Tex Murphy fans want. So good job, I guess?

Outside of the trailer, which was screened as part of this year's Salt Lake City Comic Con, Tesla Effect developers Big Finish have announced a partnership deal with Atlus; themselves no stranger to weird things. According to their statement, "the partnership with ATLUS will help Big Finish more fully develop their vision for the first Tex Murphy outing this millennium."

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is due for release in early 2014.

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Phil Savage

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