Tetris Effect Connected is among six new games coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC this month

Tetris Effect Connected
(Image credit: Enhance Games)

November may see the release of two new Xbox consoles, but that doesn't mean PC isn't getting some love: six new games will join Xbox Game Pass for PC throughout the month. The highlight is Halo 4, which we already knew about, but the rest of the list is far from shabby, with Tetris Effect Connected launching on the service tomorrow.

This multiplayer expansion of the brilliant 2019 release is exclusive to Microsoft until some time next year, meaning you can only buy it on the Microsoft Store or else play it via Xbox Game Pass. Even if the prospect of more Tetris makes you yawn, it's well worth checking out. Our reviewer is an "unapologetic Tetris disliker" but scored it 90.

Here's what else is coming:

November 12
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
Streets of Rogue

November 17
Ark: Survival Evolved: Explorer's Edition
Halo 4

November 19
River City Girls

As for what's leaving the service this month, the following four games will no longer be available come November 16: Darksiders 3, Munchkin, The Talos Principle and Tracks: The Train Set Game. 

Xbox Game Pass for PC will set you back a measly buck for its first month, after which you'll be spending $10 / AU$10.95 a month. To see everything on the service, as well as what's coming up, here's the Xbox Game Pass for PC game list.

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