Terraria getting patch 1.3.1 for its fifth birthday

Almost a year after Terraria's monstrous patch 1.3, version 1.3.1 is being released to mark the game's fifth birthday.

From Sunday, May 22, you can embrace your inner electrician thanks to big additions to the wiring system. Logic gates, from AND to XNOR, join the likes of conveyor belts and Large Gem switches.

Controller support is also on the cards. Not all that exciting to your average PC player, no, but it's good to have the option, particularly as the console versions have been doing it since 2013.

Lead developer Cenx has posted a checklist of every fix Re-Logic hopes to cram into 1.3.1 before Sunday. It includes some priority items, like tooltip flickering above 60 fps, and general tidying. My personal favourite: "You can see breath bubbles while dead."