Terraria and Don't Starve Together will cross over this month

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Last month, a news post from the developers of Minecraft-esque 2D crafting game Terraria included a surprise gif of Terraria boss the Eye of Cthulhu appearing in Tim Burton-esque multiplayer survival game Don't Starve Together. Then Klei, developers of the Don't Starve games, tweeted a gif of their boss monster the Deerclops appearing in Terraria, before confirming that, yes, a crossover was on the way.

Now Klei has revealed the release date of An Eye for An Eye, a Don't Starve Together update that will launch on November 18. "They sure don't make planes of existence like they used to", Klei writes. "One teensy little mishap has plunged the world of Terraria into rather... constant danger, and is terrarizing the Constant like nothing before! Survivors and Terrarians alike will have to keep a watchful eye out… after all, who knows what might slip through the cracks when two worlds collide?"

The Terraria half of the crossover remains mysterious, with its creators at Re-Logic saying in an October update that, "Our good friends at Klei Entertainment have been hard at work in parallel with the team at Re-Logic in order to make both sides of this crossover worthy of the fanbases - and authentic to the gameplay - of each of these amazing titles." As to what the crossover will contain, the update noted, "we are swapping terrifying foes. What else might be making the journey to DST and vice versa?"

So yes, at least one boss from each game will be hop over to the other, but whether characters in Terraria will suddenly be able to, say, create meat effigies to resurrect themselves—as survivors in Don't Starve can—remains unknown. Damn, that's a weird game.

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