Ten minutes of Dual Universe gameplay revealed in new video

Dual Universe was announced in May as a single-shard sci-fi MMO with a focus on “emergent collective gameplay based around exploration, mining, crafting, trade, politics and warfare.” A trailer released in June for E3 offered a brief look at how that expansive, rather vague description might work out in terms of actual gameplay, and last week developer Novaquark released a longer video that's admittedly less dramatic, but also more specific about what the studio has in mind. 

The trailer actually features the ship that appeared in the E3 teaser, and while the sweet soundtrack is gone, the sense of scale and the capabilities of the technology are much more obvious. It's a long way from a functioning game, but I can see the basic structure here of something I might want to play, especially—and this is the hook—if the developers can deliver on the promise of making this whole, wide-open, fully-moddable experience shareable among millions of players simultaneously.   

Dual Universe is slated to enter alpha testing some time in 2017. For now, you can find out more at dualthegame.com

Thanks, PCGamesN.

Andy Chalk

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