See the first footage of Dual Universe, the single-shard sci-fi MMO

At the PC Gaming Show during E3 2016, Novaquark's Jean-Christophe Baillie showed off the first-ever video footage of Dual Universe, the upcoming sci-fi MMO that takes place in a persistent, shared, single-shard universe. Take a look at the above footage.

In the video, you can see the finishing touches being put on a spacecraft with Dual Universe's crafting and building system, after which the astronaut climbs in and blasts off, taking a tour from one planet to another. The take-off, flight through space, and landing all happen seamlessly. This is in-game footage taken from Dual Universe's pre-alpha.

Novaquark is hoping to have a playable alpha in early 2017. You can visit Dual Universe's official site for more information, and check out some screenshots below.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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