Telltale is teasing a Mr. Robot project

Telltale Games, most recently responsible for the new Batman episodic adventure, has taken to both Twitter and Facebook to tease something related to Mr. Robot, the hackers-fighting-the-system television series starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater. Both accounts shared an ad for a new mobile messaging app that will soon be revealed by E Corp, the show's faux-mega-corporation that also happens to be driving a villainous plot to drown American consumers in debt.  

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There's no obvious connection to Telltale in the video, but the fact that it's on both of the studio's most prominent social media channels means something is obviously up. The E Corp Messaging Twitter account, meanwhile, recently retweeted a cryptic post from Night School Studio, the developer of the supernatural mystery adventure Oxenfree, which also suggests that something game-related is afoot. And on top of all that, Telltale also retweeted an IGN report on the Mr. Robot tease, about as clear an acknowledgement as you can get that something is happening. 

The signs so far point to a mobile project of some sort—the .APK and .IPA extensions in the Night School tweet refer to Android and iOS archives—but Telltale's involvement means (hopefully) that the odds of a PC release are pretty good. The E Corp Messaging tweet says its new app will be revealed on August 17, and I suspect rather strongly that the truth of this new project will be, too.          

Andy Chalk

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