Telltale has a build your own Humble Bundle

The Walking Dead's final season may be the last to use the old engine. So if you fancy tangling with Telltale's back catalogue, now's a good a time as any. Humble's build your own Telltale Games bundle lets you mix and match up to five of the developer's signature games—netting you a bigger discount with each game you add.  

At 40 percent off, Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1 is going for £11.39/your regional equivalent. Its 400 Days DLC sandwich chapter—which sits between the first and second seasons—is just £1.19 with 70 percent off; while The Walking Dead Season 2 itself is £7.59, 60 percent less its regular price.  

The Wolf Among Us is probably my favourite of the lot here, on sale for £7.59 with a 60 percent discount. And Tales from the Borderlands with the same saving is another good 'un. I never did take to Telltale's slant on Back to the Future when I picked it up on console at launch, but as a long-standing devotee of the films I'm tempted to give it another whirl. It's now just £4.49 with a saving of 70 percent.  

As mentioned above, the more games you vouch for here, the more money you'll end up saving. Here's how it works:

Check out Telltale's build your own Humble Bundle in its entirety this way, and share your own picks in the comments below.

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