Techno King: a free New Year's celebration from the creators of Super Crate Box

It's 2013, so obviously giant mechs are assaulting Neo Tokyo. This is just the sort of problem we didn't have to deal with back in boring old 2012.

Vlambeer, developers of the frantic arcade shooter/platformer Super Crate Box, have released the free Techno King to celebrate the new year and the weird challenges it promises to bring. It's more fast paced ridiculousness, as you shoot the mechs with your giant laser, dodge rockets and avoid the flaming ruins of Neo Tokyo's former buildings.

As is tradition, you'll destroy as many buildings as you save. Expect each game to last a few seconds before you're swarmed by enemy rockets and killed. All in all it's silly, wholesome fun with mechs.

You can download Techno King for PC and Mac here .

Phil Savage

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