Teamfight Tactics' next update turns everyone into cyborgs and Sailor Moon

(Image credit: Riot Games)

Teamfight Tactics' next update promises to completely upend the meta with all-new character origins and some fun new rules. It's called Galaxies and is planned for release in mid-March, alongside TFT's mobile version. When it releases, TFT's roster of champions will transform into far-future versions of themselves while adopting whole new abilities and synergies based on their new origins as Star Guardians, Cybernetics, or Mech-Pilots.

Though Galaxies was officially announced last week, Riot Games released a new blog post today further detailing how these new origins will work while giving some examples of potential team compositions players can look for. Like Rise of the Elements before it, Galaxies is kind of like a clean slate for TFT. You might recognize certain characters, but they'll sometimes have entirely new abilities and how they contribute to your overall team will change too.

Take Star Guardians, for example. Based off of one of my favorite League of Legends skin sets, Star Guardians have a trait that restores mana to all other Star Guardians whenever one of them casts a spell. As Riot explains, that naturally makes them a good fit with Sorcerers (one of the returning origin archetypes), since they're mages that use mana to deal big damage.

Another new origin is Cybernetic, which now includes characters like Yasuo and Leona. Whenever a Cybernetic champion has an item equipped, they get bonus health and attack damage depending on how many Cybernetic characters are on your team. Lastly, there's Mech-Pilot. It's easily the coolest-sounding origin because when you have three of them, they combine to form a super mech until it dies. I haven't seen the ability in action yet, but it sounds wild.

The new origins are cool, but I'm just as interested in seeing Galaxies new 'set mechanic' in play. Each time you jump into a match, you're taken to a different galaxy with slightly different rules that'll change your strategy. One galaxy, for example, gives you two items you can redeem to create certain champions to help your team. Since everyone has the same items, you'll have to take a gamble on when and how to use them. Another galaxy stocks the champion shop with powerful 4-cost champions right at the start, tempting you to spend a lot of gold for an early advantage or save it for a late game comeback.

Overall it sounds like a pretty neat update. I haven't played much TFT since the initial wave of excitement wore off in December, but Galaxies feels like the right time to jump back in and check it out. Though Riot hasn't set a specific date yet, Galaxies is expected mid-March alongside TFT's mobile version.

Steven Messner

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