Team Fortress 2 Winter Assembly pro tournament about to go live

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In three hours time, the Winter Assembly pro Team Fortress 2 tournament will begin. The event is being covered live on TF2 TV and Cadred. Read on for details of what's in store, and how to tune in.

TF2 TV will be livecasting a number of matches in the Winter Assembly tournament, kicking off in less than three hours in Helsinki. Heavy hitters like Team Dignitas, Team Immortal and Power Gaming will be battling for a share of the 3110 Euro prize pot. You can find the whole schedule for TF2 TV's coverage of the event here , and a run down of each of the teams involved on Cadred . Tune in to TF2 TV at 3:30pm GMT for the start of the first game between Power Gaming and Team Immortal.

If you've never seen Team Fortress 2 played professionally before, you're in for a treat. Pro-players can do things with a rocket launcher you wouldn't believe. For a taste of what's in store, have a look at some of the matches in the TF2 TV archive .

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