Team Fortress 2 "Rottenburg" update completes two-part announcement, gives Medic new powers

Yesterday we told you about day one of Team Fortress 2 's latest update, Mannhattan . The second city in the Two Cities update is Rottenburg, the “vaguely European” hometown of everyone's favorite insane physician. Rottenburg is a fitting backdrop for an update that adds some much-needed defensive capabilities to the medic class, including the ability to resurrect dead teammates and a force shield that deflects bullets.

“The Medic brings some muscle to the merdc side in the Robot War with some nifty new upgrades: He can now bring dead teammates back to life, put up an upgradeable shield that repels projectiles while electrocuting robots, and shoot Mad Milk syringes,” the update announcement reads.

All the really fun stuff goes to the hometown hero Medic, but the Soldier gets a little bit of attention, too. A new “rocket specialist” upgrade increases his rate of fire, and rockets stun any enemies they don't outright kill. There's also a bit of a boost to splash damage for any rocket that hits a robot directly.

All-told, it's a good time to round up some friends and get back into TF2 if you've been away for a while. You can check out the full update details and the list of new achievements at the TF2 site .