Team Fortress 2 "Mannhattan" update reveals new map, weapon effects, leaderboards

Team Fortress 2 is currently in part one of a promising two-day update reveal, the Two Cities update. The first city: Mannhattan . Day one's reveal includes a new map for the game's siege-defense style mode, Mann vs. Machine, and a slew of weapon effects and bonuses you'll earn from playing there.

“Mannhattan takes our mercs all the way from the sun-blasted gravel pits of the Badlands to the urban sprawl of the East Coast, where they'll have to defend the manufacturing arm of Saxton Hale's boutique Mhanko line,” the update page reads. “Mannhattan's robot hordes can advance their own spawn points and introduce new bombs into the map for the first time, making for a unique new MvM experience.”

The update also brings the popular community-made Snakewater map officially into the fold, though Valve feels very strongly that Snakewater is NOT a city, and thus not viable for counting under the update's two-city moniker: “But one thing it is NOT is a city, because this is the Two Cities Update and we're announcing a second city tomorrow. So for the record, Snakewater is more of a mill town than a city… Please don't email us.”

The update also adds new statistics leaderboards showing points healed, tank damage dished out, money earned and more. We'll be back for more news on the second city, which will be revealed tomorrow.