Team Fortress 2 Mixup 5 celebrity match videos released in full

TF2 Mixup 5

TF2 Mixup continues to supply opportunities to watch Important Internet People shoot each other in Team Fortress 2. For charity! The fifth event's roster included StarCraft 2 guru Day[9], TF2 creator Robin Walker, YouTube star Tay " Chocolate Rain " Zonday, and our very own Evan Lahti.

We've got footage from all three matches below. Watch Evan exploding into smithereens on the Upward, Viaduct, and Lakeside maps.

Donations are still being accepted for TF2 Mixup 5's charity of choice, Doctors Worldwide . Current generosity tallies $5,939.75, but you can still chip in . We've also archived more Mixup madness from last year, which you can check out here .

Omri Petitte

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