Team Fortress 2 'Love and War' day two brings new weapons and bread-themed attacks

This week's mysterious Team Fortress 2 'Love & War' campaign has so far spawned a fifteen minute movie and a handful of new emotes , but Valve has gone further today with the announcement of a huge drop of new weapons and items. Among the lucre is a new level 1 Scattergun called The Back Scatter, a level 1 Shield dubbed The Tide Turner and a new parachute called The B.A.S.E. Jumper which slows your descent when falling.

Most important though, is the arrival of a handful of new bread-themed buffs and attacks, obviously inspired by yesterday's hilarious and, let's face it, very moving 'Expiration Date' short film. The only condition is that these are limited edition items: you'll need to craft the all important Bread Box before it expires on July 9.

Once you've done this you can use the Bread Box to craft a host of advantages including 'The Self-Aware Beauty Mark' which punishes coated enemies with mini-crits. The Snack Attack is a sapper, while The Bread Bite rewards the player with 30 per cent faster move speed when worn. Watch out though: you'll incur 25 per cent more damage. Finally, the Mutated Milk rewards 60 per cent “of the damage done to an enemy covered with milk”. Full details are listed on the Team Fortress 2 site .

Here are all the new, non-bread weapon and item details for your pleasure. There's a bunch of new achievements as well. We're expecting two more announcements this week so be sure to check back.

The Back Scatter (Level 1 Scattergun)

Minicrits targets when fired at their back and at close range

-34% clip size

No random critical hits

20% less accurate

The Tide Turner (Level 1 Shield)

25% fire damage resistance on wearer

25% explosive damage resistance on wearer

Full turning control while charging

Kills while charging refill 100% of your charge meter

The B.A.S.E. Jumper (Level 1 Parachute)

Press 'JUMP' key in the air to deploy.

Deployed Parachutes slow your descent.

The Classic (Level 1 Sniper Rifle)

Charge and fire shots independent of zoom

No headshots when not fully charged

-10% damage on body shot

The Air Strike (Level 1 Rocket Launcher)

Increased attack speed while blast jumping

Clip size increased on kill

-25% damage penalty

-25% clip size

-15% explosion radius

Shaun Prescott

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