Team Fortress 2 gets Quake, Fallout and Skyrim items

Team Fortress 2 Bethesda Items

Ever wondered what the Heavy would look like wearing the Nord's helmet from Skyrim? Good news! Kotaku reports that Team Fortress 2 has been updated with new weapons and items from a range of Bethesda's biggest games to celebrate the start of QuakeCon 2011 .

There are five items. The Soldier gets a Quake rocket launcher , the Sniper gets a Brink cowl and face mask , The Heavy will get Skyrim's horned helmet and the Engineer will get both Fallout's arm-mounted Pip-Boy and the three-pronged boomerang-like Wingstick from Rage.

There's no news on whether there will be a special way to earn the new items, more will hopefully be revealed when QuakeCon kicks off tonight with a keynote speech from id co-founder John Carmack.