Tea is the answer to everything, in life, and in this free visual novel

(Image credit: npckc)

Here's a free visual novel where you run a booze-free tavern, situated on the border between the human and demon realms. As human or demon customers come inside, you have to prepare each an appropriate cup of tea. A brew that will, for example, calm them down, or give them an infusion of energy, depending on the particular ingredients it's made from.

A Tavern For Tea is a handsomely drawn visual novel, where the talking is punctuated every so often by a tea-making minigame. In order to continue the story, you'll need to a) listen to what the customer has asked for, and b) pick the right three ingredients to chuck in the tea pot. That might sound easy, but the rules for brewing aren't explained as well as they could be (it helps to know that you can use the same ingredient more than once).

Still, this is a sweet game about sorting out people's problems, using the primary tool in the British arsenal: a nice cup of tea. None of the ingredients is 'milk', or even 'chocolate hobnobs', but I can forgive that. Maybe. Just about.

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Tom Sykes

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