Tales of Zestiria now runs at 60 fps thanks to fan-made fix

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We quite liked Tales of Zestiria, the "traditional JRPG" that hit Steam in October. We did not, however, like the fact that it was locked at 30 fps. As Durante put it in his analysis, a frame rate cap "is both anachronistic and a strike against any PC game, much more so if it is action-based," as Tales of Zestiria is. But there is now a way around that limitation.

The "fix," which is based on the Batman Fix DLL that was released in September for Batman: Arkham Knight, is part of a fan-made project intended to address various annoyances that plague the PC release of Tales of Zestiria, including "shimmering artifacts," the FMV aspect ratio, audio distortion, and of course the frame rate cap. Very importantly, it manages to do away with the cap without messing with gameplay, something Bandai Namco claimed it was unable to do.

The fix is quite new and so there may be a technical hiccups, but NeoGAF and Steam commenters alike seem pretty happy with it. That said, the fact that it's unofficial means you're on your own if something goes wrong, although the only thing that seems likely to is that it simply won't work. One way to tell, according to mod creator DrDaxxy, is to check the in-game clock: "If it's not exactly as fast as an actual clock, the mod is not working properly for you," he wrote. It'll take a spot of digging to find them all, but several potential solutions are floating around in that same thread.

Andy Chalk

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