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Tales of Arise - Kisara holding up a black and yellow Berserker Piranha.
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Amid the JRPG grind, you may be ready for a well-earned break with some Tales of Arise fishing. You can spend nearly just as much time hunting for all of the fishing spots and fish in Tales of Arise as you will fighting Zugles. It also comes with its own rewards, too. There are fishing quests to complete and 44 fish to find across the world, with better rods and lures as your prizes.

One of the first things to be aware of is that you'll come across several fishing spots before you actually unlock the fishing activity. You won't be able to go fishing until after you've completed the third major area of the game in Menancia and left the area for Mahag Saar. So, with that out of the way, here's your Tales of Arise fishing guide.

Tales of Arise fishing guide: How it works

When you've entered one of the Tales of Arise fishing spots, begin by tossing your line into the water near some of the bubbles on the water's surface or jumping fish. Your cursor will turn yellow when you're hovering over an ideal spot.

With your line in the water, you'll see several fish on a bar facing towards your lure. The idea of this quick time event is pressing the corresponding buttons for Soft Shake, Hard Shake, and Reel In when the moving circle enters the green zone around your lure. However, different fish respond to different buttons. Pay attention to the 'Fish Present' chart when choosing your lure. It will tell you what kind of movements attract each fish type.

Once a fish is on your hook, it's time for another quick time event. Hold your rod in the direction indicated by the arrows on the bar while at the same time holding the 'Reel In' button. Every so often you'll need to quickly press Q, W, or E (LB/RT/RB on a gamepad) to damage the fish's stamina. If a fish darts to the left or right, you'll be prompted to press Q or E, while a jumping fish will prompt you to press W. Doing so will damage the fish's stamina, even more so with more powerful rods, until it's been caught.

Fishing locations

There are 12 fishing spots scattered throughout the game's five realms. Here's where to find each of them: 

  • Cave of Solitude (Calaglia): West edge of the map between Ulzebek and Mosgul.
  • Nevira Snowplains (Cyslodia): Southernmost path on the map.
  • Frozen Valley (Cyslodia): Northeast corner of the map.
  • Overseer Hill (Menancia): Southmost point of the map, south of the campsite.
  • Talka Pond Road (Menancia): Southeast on the map, the tutorial fishing spot.
  • Adan Lake (Mahag Saar): Southernmost point on the map near a campsite.
  • Adan Ruins (Mahag Saar): West edge of the map, north of the campsite.
  • Hidden Wharf (Mahag Saar): Talk with Mahavar to ride to a fishing spot on his ship.
  • Shinefall Woods (Ganath Haros): Northern path just outside Thistlym.
  • Lavtu Marshlands (Ganath Haros): Southwest map corner on the highest level.
  • Fogwharl Limestone Caverns (Ganath Haros): Complete the Untamable Rage quest.
  • Uninhabited Island (Other): Complete the Beyond The Grave quest.

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Tales of Arise fishing rods and lure locations

There are just five fishing rods to worry about in Tales of Arise, mostly gifted by the fishing master at Talka Pond for catching certain numbers of fish types. Upgraded rods do more damage to a fish's stamina while you're reeling in, while various lures will increase your chances of encountering certain types of fish. The rod types are:

  • Migal's Fishing Rod: Your default tutorial rod
  • Novice Tackle: Gifted for catching ten fish types
  • Fish Sniper: Gifted for catching 20 fish types
  • Tenebrae Mk. III: Gifted for catching all 44 fish types
  • Alliance Marine Rod: Complete Kisara's level 60 Solo Challenge at the Viscint Training Grounds
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Lures you can buy
Lure LocationFish types
Disarming LureCysloden inn shopAzure Tilapia, Nevira Piranha, Garnet Sea Bream
Trembling LureViscint inn shopHawksbill Trout, Menancian Bass, Emerald Salmon
Charming LureNiez inn shopLesser Pirarucu, Muddy Pirarucu, Mahag Saar Flatfish
Rock SlapperPelegion inn shopPolar Bass, Green Pike, Lavtu Arowana
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Lures from the fishing master
LureFish types caughtFish types
Beginner's Popper1Dahnan Bass
Elegant Swimmer3Coral Flatfish and Gluttonous Barracuda
Portly Mudslinger5Tricolored Catfish and Fogwharl Pike
Round Popper15Menancian Catfish, Ganath Haros Catfish, Zesti Grouper
Marine Floater25Cave Sea Bass, Vesper Sea Bass, Karasuba Sea Bream
Uber Spinner30Mahag Saar Barracuda, Pearly Pike, Cyslodian Salmon
Teepo Lure35Aureum Arowana
Silver Fang40Silver Marlin
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Lures from chests and quests
LureSourceFish types
FlaptrapChest in Adan LakeBerserker Piranha, Amber Mackerel, Tsuyukasa Mackerel
Subsurface MirageChest in Adan RuinsPond Tilapia, Lacerda Salmon, Sardonyx Grouper
Stick LureChest in Lavtu MarshlandsTraslida Arowana, Aqfotle Arowana, Ganath Haros Piranha
Bienfu LureChest in Forland Mountains Southern Hiking TrailGolden Catfish
Rapping MinnowComplete 'In Sync' quest in CyslodenCobalt Trout
Zapie DoppelgangerFound during 'Untamable Rage' questCygni Pirarucu
Celestial WhaleComplete Kisara's Novice Solo Battle Challenge in the Viscint training groundsTalka Trout, Lavtu Tilapia, Blueback Tuna
Mieu SinkerComplete Kisara's Advanced Solo Battle Challenge in the Viscint training groundsArmored Sturgeon
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