Tala is a gorgeous 2D mix of nature and animation

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Tala's mentor, the Town Guardian, is stranded in the woods, and she's on a quest to rescue him. Speaking selfishly, I hope she doesn't find her mentor for a while, because I don't want to stop looking at the beautiful world of Tala, a cute 2D game by The Garden Well.  

The game's official site pegs it as a combination of traditional animation and nature photography. But it's not just nature photography. It's macro nature photography, which is infinitely better. Tala's simple, hatchy animation (that's Tala the game, not Tala the character, though I'm sure Tala can animate just fine) is a perfect match for the colorful, detailed backgrounds.  

It's all visuals, all the time, too. There's no spoken or written dialogue in Tala, just more pictures to drink in. And I can't wait to drink them in when Tala eventually releases—though even The Garden Well isn't sure when that'll be.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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