Take On Mars: Expedition One launches, ready to put humans on the Red Planet

You will never step foot on Mars. Let that slightly depressing feeling that you were born in the wrong time sink in. Now cheer up and take comfort that you at least have the technology to play pretend in a videogame. Bohemia Interactive has released the first portion of its manned mission content for Take On Mars for current Early Access players.

Titled Expedition One, the update allows you to explore the Red Planet and establish a self-sufficient human habitat. This first portion give you access to a manned science buggy featuring an interactive 3D interface, and will ask you to explore the Cydonia Mensae location which spans 8x8 km. You'll also be able to use a 3D printer to construct various parts that can be put together to build a Habitat Construction System, which you then use to form other buildings and installations.

Take On Mars is still in Steam Early Access and costs $18/£12 The next portion of Expedition One will release in May 2014, and will allow you to mess around with resource extraction, habitat pressurization, and your “marsonaut” vitals.