Take a first look at gameplay from cyberpunk sidescroller The Last Night

French indie developer Odd Tales took to the stage of the PC Gaming Show to share a first glimpse at gameplay for the studio's 2.5D cyberpunk sidescroller The Last Night. Although the game was first revealed yesterday at Microsoft's conference, the game will also be coming to PC and the Twitch highlight above is the first time we've seen actual gameplay.

It's a gorgeous art style, and a look that instantly evokes things like Blade Runner—which it said was an influence, but The Last Night takes a more optimistic take on cyberpunk. Odd Tales founder Tim Soret described its genre as a "cinematic adventure game," which means that "it's not a game like Mario, where you jump around," but is more akin to classics like Flashback, which it's been compared to previously, or Odd World.

Soret also took a moment to address the controversy surrounding his pro-GamerGate, anti-feminist tweets that came to light last night following the rollout of a new trailer for E3. "I am embarrassed by some tweets I made in the past. I want to apologize for those," he said. "They do not in any way represent who I am today, or what The Last Night is about."  

The Last Night is being published by Raw Fury, who previously put out Gonner and Kingdom, and more info on the game can be expected later this year. Check out this post for more from The PC Gaming Show at E3 2017. You can watch the show live on Twitch, and catch up on all the news from this year's show right here.  

Tom Marks
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