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Taiwan ratings board provides further evidence for Bioshock: The Collection

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Taiwan Bioshock collection rating

Bioshock: The Collection is being rated by the Taiwanese advisory board, lending credence to another rating (opens in new tab) by the notoriously leaky Brazilian ratings agency.

The database entries (opens in new tab) are accompanied by unseen cover art incorporating elements from Rapture and Columbia (I had to think for a while to remember that there is a third game), but it would certainly be nice to have a definitive collecting incorporating the Minerva's Den (opens in new tab) and Burial at Sea (opens in new tab) DLC. A remastering would go over even better—for all that it's a classic, the first Bioshock is starting to show its age. Terrifyingly, it's almost 10 years old.

There's no hint of a release date yet, but I'll be gobsmacked if this isn't a sure thing.