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Tacoma and Next Up Hero are free on the Epic Games Store

(Image credit: Fullbright)
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 It's a new week of free games on the Epic Games Store, and once again it's a neat selection. From now until July 30, you can make the indies Next Up Hero and Tacoma yours forever—and you should, since none of us are leaving our homes anytime soon and games are great.

Next Up Hero (opens in new tab) is a 2D dungeon crawler by indie studio Digital Continue, featuring some really good-looking animations and a colourful presentation. Players have been saying it's quite difficult, though, so best be ready for a challenge.

Tacoma (opens in new tab) is the second game by Gone Home developer Fullbright, and their second walking sim. You play as the employee of an outer space insurance company, tasked with finding out what happened on the spaceship Tacoma, which is completely deserted. Tacoma shines with amazing writing and really realistic characters, an all-around great time for anyone who likes good stories: We called it "a smart and thoughtful science fiction mystery" in our 84/100 review (opens in new tab).

Next Up Hero and Tacoma will be free on the Epic Games Store until July 30. After that, a fresh trio of giveaways will take their place: 20XX, Barony, and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP.