Syndicate trailer has hi-tech dubstep and mind hacks

[bcvideo id="1189638908001"]

Syndicate, as an FPS ? That'll never work surely. Just look at this trailer, it's just a... wait, did he just hack a man's mind? Is that the old Syndicate music? Is that the old Syndicate music with a dubstep remix as the protagonist shoots, kicks, punches and slides his way through a cyberpunk wonderland of neon and steel? Was that impromptu brain surgery? Did those bullets just go around corners?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding yes. This first trailer is pretty damn spectacular, and might just serve to silence a few of Starbreeze's doubters. Now if you'll excuse me, I might just watch it again, I'm a sucker for games where you can force your enemies to kill themselves. Especially when a woman cheerily announces "Activating suicide" as they do.

Syndicate will be out in February 2012 .