Syndicate remake revealed on Origin. Will be a co-op FPS

Syndicate thumb

UPDATE: Check out our Syndicate screenshots post for better versions of these pictures.

A remake of classic isometric strategy game series, Syndicate has been announced. The first details landed over the weekend.

The remake is being developed by Starbreeze Studios under the codename name 'Project Redlime' and will be a first person shooter with separate single player and four player co-op modes. The details first appeared on NeoGaf , after being picked up from a store page mistakenly uploaded to Origin. Shortly after that EA confirmed the game, and mentioned that a an official Syndicate website be launched shortly.

It's rumoured that the remake will feature hacking mechanics which will let players slow down time and see through walls by 'breaching the digital world around them'. All sounds a bit Matrix 1 to us. Meanwhile the co-op mode will apparently feature 9 're-imagined' levels from the original Syndicate.

Check inside for the first screens.

Apologies for the tiny resolution. We'll update as soon as some better quality shots are released.