Syberia 2 is free on Origin for a limited time

Syberia 3 may or may not be out in North America right now: As noted earlier this week when we posted the launch trailer, it was scheduled for release yesterday in Europe but not until April 25 in North America, yet it currently appears to be live on Steam right now, even on this side of the ocean. So if you've been looking forward to it and don't feel like waiting, have at it! But that's not why we're here. 

No, we're here because the previous game in the series, Syberia 2, is currently free on Origin, as part of the "On the House" program. On the House, as discussed previously, is a random-ish giveaway of games on the platform that has previously included everything from still-relevant hits like Mass Effect 2 to creaky super-classics like the original Syndicate. These games are only free for awhile, and nobody ever seems to know for how long—but once you've got them, they're yours to keep permanently. 

Syberia 2 was originally released in 2004, so you're not exactly getting the new hotness here, but it's very well-regarded, and obviously a good way to get a taste of what's coming in Syberia 3 if you're still on the fence about it. And it's free, which, let's face it, is pretty tough to beat as a selling point. 

Feast your eyes on the sinister-but-slightly-goofy Syberia 2 launch trailer from back in the day below.

Andy Chalk

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