Swap animal bodies to explore in gorgeous Lost Ember

(Image credit: Mooneye Studio)

Humanity has gone quite extinct. There’s mostly just animals left. At least that’s the case in Lost Ember, a game of exploration and body-swapping that just released on Steam. In the game, players are a wolf-spirit-thing that can jump between other animal bodies to explore a large world completely reclaimed by nature. It’s certainly a slick-looking game, and the emphasis on free-flowing exploration via different methods of travel seems like something novel. Early user reviews are quite positive.

Here’s an official blurb: “Experience the contrasting stories of the fall of mankind and the lush life in a world reclaimed by nature with a wolf as your main character and a determined companion at your side. Explore the land, sea, and air, as you possess any creature you come across to experience life from a whole new perspective. Fly through gargantuan canyon valleys as a parrot! Tumble through the grass as a wombat! Swim through shimmering lakes as a fish! Your journey will take you from densely wooded jungles, to lush rainforest canopies, to barren desert plains and archaic temples.”

We first reported on Lost Ember back in 2016, and the game has only gotten prettier since then. Developers Mooneye Studio previously did mobile game work, but this is their first big release and it’s clear that a lot of love has gone into it. Mooneye studios is based in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.

You can check out Lost Ember on Steam for $29.99 USD, with 10% off until December 3rd. There’s also the official website, or even developer Mooneye Studio's website.

Here’s the teaser trailer:

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