Surreal psychodrama Ether One lands next week

Ether One has been teasing us for quite some time, but next week the Oculus Rift–capable exploration game is finally free to mess with our minds. To celebrate, we've got a spanking-new release trailer to check out the weird world of the memory repair technician, also known as a Restorer.

As Tom discovered in his preview last summer , being a Restorer seems to be a pretty ordinary job. You strap into a virtual reality machine—made quite meta by the inclusion of Oculus Rift support—and head into some poor person's mind to heal their traumas and neuroses.

There are a lot of influences going on here, including Myst , Dear Esther , and Gone Home . The idea of walking free-form through a Spotless Mind –style scenario is fascinating, and the deeper mysteries hinted at during the trailer have me wanting to dive right in.

Ether One will be available on Tuesday, March 25, on Steam and GOG .